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The company was founded in 1906, when Giovanni grandfather, then an apprentice glass blower in the furnace of the crystal of Fontanelle, decided to realize the dream of opening their own business.
The dream became a reality very soon ... and with the help of brothers, the company began to grow slowly.
Meanwhile the children of growing up on his grandfather John, began to follow the footsteps of his father and began a little while "stealing" the job for the elderly.
Among the four children, Pasquale was the most enterprising and willing to overcome his father more than he wanted to learn blowing technique of engraving and grinding, using the short time that remained after school.
In 1955 he opened a small company that made only grinding on glasses. Over time the company grew and he handed his passion to the two sons Giovanni and Gennaro, who succeeded his father continued working and enriching it with new techniques, including the decoration.

Today Gi. e Gi. is a company that operates in the field of designs and decorations on glass (such as dinner services, personalized gifts and decorations for the community and catering) maintaining the care and passion of the artisan.

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